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Automatic Home Standby Generators

New England weather has always been unpredictable, but the growing number of severe thunderstorms, ice storms, and even tornadoes in our area has all of us thinking about natural disaster readiness. Let Cheshire Oil help you prepare for future power outages.
Install a Cheshire Oil home backup power generator to protect your family, home, investments, and . . . peace of mind.

Cheshire Oil offers:

  • Permanently installed backup power generators from Kohler®
  • Assistance with size and system selection
  • Professional installation
  • Factory authorized service
Kohler — Backup Generators in Keene, NH


  • Strong, fast and tough, KOHLER@ generators are equipped with heavy-duty, commercial-grade engines that stand up to extreme weather. That means they're ready to protect your home and your wallet. Your fridge will stay cold. Your TV will stay on. And your basement will stay dry.
  • Not only that, our engines feature hydraulic valve lifters. So you can skip the expensive routine valve maintenance and lengthy break-in process.
  • From our smallest generator all the way up to our 150 kW unit, we provide you with the power to keep life going.
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