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Annual Burner Service

Preventive heating maintenance can save you money, add years to the life of your system, and work wonders for your peace of mind. Our preventive maintenance plans can save you up to 10% off your annual heating costs.

With our 12-Point Tune-Up we:

  1. Clean the interior of heat exchanges, fuel pipe, and base of stack as needed.
  2. Replace the oil filter cartridge.
  3. Replace the oil burner nozzle.
  4. Replace the air filter.
  5. Replace the pump stainer.
  6. Inspect the combustion chamber.
  7. Clean the electrodes and adjust the gap settings.
  8. Check and test all operating and safety controls.
  9. Check and lubricate motors.
  10. Check and adjust the fan belt.
  11. Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency.
  12. Perform an overall efficiency check.
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