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Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips

Manage Daily Use

  • Set the thermostat between 75 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Shut system off if you leave the house for more than a few hours. Don't over adjust your thermostat upon returning to achieve a rapid temperature drop—that just makes the system work harder and longer.
  • Make sure your air conditioner's thermostat is not in direct sunlight or next to a heat-producing appliance such as lamp or TV, which can trick a thermostat into reading a higher indoor temperature.
  • Limit heat- and humidity-producing tasks like cooking and laundry to early morning or late evening.
  • Turn off kitchen and bath ventilating fans as soon as they've done their job.

Care for Your Cooling System

  • Have the system serviced annually and replace air filters each season.
  • For central air systems, set the fan to shut off at the same time as the compressor.
  • Make sure furniture does not obstruct air conditioning vents.
  • Close off unused rooms and close vents in those rooms.
  • Make sure the outside air conditioning unit is not in direct sunlight. If so, attempt to shade it without obstructing airflow.
  • Clean foliage from the outside area around your air conditioner to eliminate dirt and debris.

Prevent Energy Loss

  • Weatherstrip all doors and windows.
  • Keep fireplace damper and storm windows closed.
  • Keep doors and windows closed while cooling.
  • Reduce direct sunlight with louvers or awnings on the outside of windows.
  • Indoors, draw draperies, blinds, or shades to limit solar heating.
  • Make sure ducts are properly insulated, especially those that pass through the attic or any other unconditioned areas.